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Costs for the AIR
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Costs and Facility Recharge

Charges are listed below but please download a copy of the AIR Facility Usage Policy for full details on charges and our cancellation policy.

AIR (HGU Facility):

Confocals - £30 per hour (time lapse 8hrs charged in every 24 i.e. £240 for between 8-24hrs booking)

Epifluorescence/Brightfield/Mesoscopes - £20 per hour (time lapse 8hrs charged in every 24 i.e. £160 for between 8-24hrs booking)

ESRIC @ IGMM (SIM/STORM) - £40 per hour

Optical Projection Tomography (OPT):

Hourly rate £30
Consumables £15
Sample prep and data reconstruction £75 (depending on user conditions)

Image Analyst Assistance - Free if the images were captured on AIR or ESRIC microscopes, otherwise £25 per hour

Digital Pathology Unit:

Nanozoomer slide scanner - £25 (contact Helen Caldwell for details

Grant costing and consultation: RCUK requires that use of facilities can be costed into grants pre-submission. The AIR facility manager, Dr Ann Wheeler can advise PIs of anticipated imaging charges during the life of a grant.

Special cases: The AIR senior management will advise on special cases, these need to be raised with the finance team at the time of recharge.

The small print:

The fees are determined annually based on market prices for goods and services the imaging facility needs to purchase outside of the IGMM. Annual inflation means that year on year the goods and services we buy become more expensive. Furthermore since we seek to improve the service, as well as maintain it as is, we require funds to invest in new imaging hardware and software.

It is the users responsibility to check their samples prior to extended booking. If a session is booked without the sample being checked the financial liability for this lies with the user and their group, not the facility.

For those who are doing live experiments where there is an issue mid experiment the recharge is at the discretion of the AIR manager. We have a reduced price for long bookings for live experiments.

Bramley, checking microscope and tissue culture microscope are free to use and are available for checking live and fixed experiments for fluorescence prior to booking chargeable systems. Tissue culture facilities have fluorescent microscopes which are also available for checking samples

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