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Rules Of Use of the CLICK facility equipments (i.e. in Retzius or Scheele laboratory)
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Rules of use of the microscopy systems at CLICK (at Retzius or Scheele bulding) - i.e. before the move to Biomedicum in 2018. (Reviewed 2017-03-31).

1. At the CLICK facility we practice a “gloves off” policy – it means you may never operate the microscope with gloves on! Also, leave the microscope and its surroundings clean when you’re done.

2. It’s only a person responsible for an imaging system (e.g. Göran, Connla or Erik) that can authorize another person to use that system - i.e. peer-to-peer authorization is NOT allowed.

3. No unbooked sessions are allowed! If a system is available but not booked, you must first book it.

4. Cancellations of booked session must be well in advance. Another user may use the system if the booked user hasn't showed up within 15 min after the session started.

5. All systems except the two-photon and live cell systems (=Cell Observer, Cell-IQ and Operetta), can be booked 14 days in advance. The two-photon and the live cell systems are bookable 28 days in advance.

6. General booking rules: 8am-8pm is “daytime”, while 8pm-8am is “night time”. Each user is allowed to book maximum 3h/week of each confocal system, or 6h/week of the Calcium systems and the analysis workstations, during daytime Monday-Friday. Users are also allowed to book a maximum of 4 days (=96h)/28 day period on the two-photon and Cell Observer, or maximum 7 days (=168h)/28 day period on the Cell-IQ or Operetta. Exceptions of these rules in rule #7.

7. Exceptions to rule #6: Available slots within the following 96 hours (i.e. the day you check + next three days) can be booked and used without time limitations. This is valid for all systems. During weekends you may also book sessions longer than 3 (or 6) hours.

8. If a user publishes material acquired through the CLICK systems, he/she must acknowledge the facility with: …”we like to thank Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and Karolinska Institutet for supporting the CLICK imaging facility”.

9. The imaging systems have a user quota - a maximum limit of data each user can store. To avoid a situation where you cannot store any data, you should remove your data from the system computers. If any system lack a quota, we practice a maximum allowed amount of 10 GB (Operetta excluded). Data older than 1 months may be deleted without notice. This is valid for all CLICK systems.

For further info or questions, please contact both CLICK managers using the function address bick (at), or the individual Facility Managers at

Göran Månsson - goran.mansson (at) Cell +46-70-748 3708
Connla Edwards – connla.edwards (at) Cell +46-70-761 9476

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