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CLICK user fees (for systems in Retzius or Scheele building)
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User fees for the CLICK facility (i.e. in Retzius or Scheele laboratory). Reviewed 2017-01-01): SEK/h

• Introductory course and registration. 2.000 (per user & training)
• Consultations 250
• Confocal systems 250
• Two-photon systems 150

• Light Sheet system (a setup fee of 250kr is added to the total sum) 150
• LSM700/800 confocals during night (8pm-8am) 50
• Widefield fluorescence microscopes (including Ca2+ - systems). 100
• Image Analysis workstations 50
• Live Cell systems (Cell Observer, Cell-IQ or Operetta) 200 (fee drops throughout the
timelapse (reduced hourly fee: 5-12h = 100, 12-24h = 40 and over 24h = 20)

Users from industry are also welcome but they pay 200% of the above mentioned fees.

For further info or questions, please contact both CLICK managers using the function address bick (at), or the individual Facility Managers at

Göran Månsson - goran.mansson (at) Cell +46-70-748 3708
Connla Edwards – connla.edwards (at) Cell +46-70-761 9476

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