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User Account Creation Instructions
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Take care not to create a new one user account if you have had one already, or in the past.
We ask that all potential external cleanroom users apply to become an LCN visitor to LCN, as shown on our website LCN Visitors will be issued with card access to the LCN building and with UCL credentials.
With UCL credentials you need to select the top option:
Your Institution is UCL London Centre for Nanotechnology
This will take you to the UCL Single Sign-on page to validate your UCL login and password, then to the application form.

If you do not need LCN Building access, For example those from Commercial Companies, short-term users, PI's and Group Managers who want access to view ther group's financial details, select the lower option which is for EXTERNAL users.
Your institution is NOT UCL London Centre for Nanotechnology
In the Form enter your home institution email and choose your group from the dropdown list, organised by supervisor name.
Financial Account number
This is a PPMS internal entity that is used to record all of a user's Cleanroom costs. The default is a group financial account where transactions of all members of the group are gathered into a single invoice.
For rare exceptions, apply by email to the administrator to have an individual Financial account, or a specific Project account set up.

The financial account can be added later, but one is needed before bookings can be made.
New Group
If your group is not in the list, create a new one with your home director (supervisor) Name, Email, Home Department and Home Institution (university/company) details. Please also supply details for an administrator who can be contacted for payment reasons.
You may create a group with yourself as director if you have full financial authority for your work at the LCN Cleanroom, and supervise other users.
This application form will be validated by an administrator.


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