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PPMS accounts on this system are used by the following facilities: University of Birmingham Flow Cytometry Services (UoBFC), Physical Properties Facility - Chemical Engineering (PP), Microscopy and Imaging Services at Birmingham University (MISBU), University of Birmingham Genomics Services (UoBGene), Advanced Materials Characterisation Facility - Chemistry (AMC), Nano Materials Facility - Chemistry (NMC), Electron Microscopy (EM), Analytical Facility Chemistry (AFC), Scientific Services (SS), Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility (Biosciences) (ADMS), Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage (BCES), Diffraction Facility - Metallurgy and Materials (DF), Birmingham University Imaging Centre (BUIC), Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES), Science City Facility - Chemical Engineering (SciCity), Fuel Cell Research Facility - Chemical Engineering (FCR), School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences (SportexR), X Ray Facility (XRay), Collaborative Teaching Laboratory (CTL), Microencapsulation Facility - Chemical Engineering (MCAP), Sequencing Instrument Access Service (SAS), Thermal Energy Research Accelerator (TERA), THz Measurement Facility (THZ), Micro-NanoPhotonics Laboratory - BioChemical Engineering (MNP), Fork Lift (FORK), 3 D Printing (3DP), Centre for Custom Medical Devices (CMD), Analytical Facility - Chemical Engineering (ACE), School of Biosciences (Bioscience).

If you have a PPMS account that does not work anymore or may have been deactivated, please do NOT fill out this form, please contact an administrator for assistance: UoBFC facility,;, phone:01214144062/01214158013.
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