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PPMS accounts on this system are used by the following facilities: PBI (Imagopole) (PBI), UBI (UBI), Plate-Forme de Biophysique des Macromolécules et de leurs Interactions (PFBMI), Cytometry & Biomarkers UTechS (CB_UTechS), Cristallogenèse et Diffraction des Rayons X (PF6), Centre d'enseignement (Cours), Biomics (Omics), FACS RIV-DTL (RIV-DTL), Biomaterials and Microfluidics (BMCF), Plateforme de Criblage Chémogénomique et Biologique (PFCCB), Image Analysis Hub (IAH), Fab Lab Institut Pasteur (FLIP), Shared Equipments (SharedEQ), NanoImaging Core Facility (NCF), Hearing Institut Bioimaging / BioImagerie de l’Institut de l’Audition (BIIdA), Production and purification of recombinant proteins technological PF (PF3PR), Research protocol submission (SPR), Metabolomics Core Facility (MCF), Mass Spectrometry for Biology (MSBio), Human Disease Models (HDM), Histopathology platform (HistoPath), Center for the Production and Infection of Anopheles (Cepia).

If you have a PPMS account that does not work anymore or may have been deactivated, please do NOT fill out this form, please contact an administrator for assistance: Omics facility, email:marc.monot@pasteur.fr, phone:3458.
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